Nikolai Shulginov: "Energy companies are preparing a large order for gas turbines, it is critical to meet this demand"
15 June 2022

St. Petersburg, June 15. – Nikolai Shulginov visited JSC "Power machines" facilities and held a meeting regarding the production and application of domestic gas turbines.

The Head of the Ministry of Energy inspected gas turbine assembly and steam turbine shops and assessed the progress of work on creating equipment for the program to modernize thermal power plants.

Nikolai Shulginov also held an operations meeting with the representatives from the largest energy and mechanical engineering companies. The participants discussed the production and application of gas turbines produced in Russia.

It was noted that the ability of gas turbine units to quickly adjust their load allows them to be used as peaking power sources and to balance the power system when there are sudden changes in its consumption.

"Despite the large-scale economic challenges our country faces, today's energy facilities must be equipped with innovative, Russian-made equipment. An example of this kind of equipment is gas turbines. They have proven to be highly efficient, environment-friendly and maneuverable. Furthermore, a combined cycle gas plant can be constructed at least 25% faster than a steam powered one," the Minister commented.

He also mentioned that in Russia, besides the large-scale program to modernize thermal power plants, the construction of a new generation to implement large-scale investment projects is also planned.

"Energy companies are preparing a large order for gas turbines, it is critical to meet this demand because electricity is the basis for the development of our economy as a whole," added the Head of the Russian energy authority.

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