Why Power Machines?

We create high-tech solutions. 

We deal with breakthrough tasks and create high-tech equipment, directing the future of the global energy industry. We combine tradition with innovation and have remained the industry leader over the years.

Scale of Operations and International Projects. 

With extensive experience in the development and manufacture of equipment, all necessary designs and manufacturing resources, our company offers worldwide integrated solutions for the nuclear, thermal, and hydropower sectors. Our products have been the preferred choice of generating companies in 57 countries. Participating in countless international projects is one of our great advantages, and we take pride in that.

We are a socially responsible employer. 

Competitive salaries; generous benefits packages; prioritizing employee health and safety, training and development opportunities; environmental initiatives; charity events; and a responsibility to the best corporate governance practices - all these elements form the foundation for why “Power Machines” is an industry leader.

We welcome both experienced professionals and young professionals.

We are a large company that is always ready to offer employment to both experienced professionals and new graduates from educational institutions. We have a well-established mentoring system and various training programs for specialists and managers.

Our employees have unlimited growth potential and opportunities for continued development. 

We create conditions that promote a relaxed work environment all employees and provide equal opportunities for career development. Each employee at “Power Machines" can build their career. The opportunities for professional growth include participating in cross-functional production projects, training at the school of masters, opportunities for obtaining a second specialization with advanced training, and much more. We develop employee career tracks that clearly demonstrate how you can build a horizontal or vertical career.

We have an energetic work environment. 

Our employees have a vibrant and rich work experience - athletic events, lectures, an engineering club, youth programs, and so much more.

Start working in the largest power engineering
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