Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a student take an internship?

Internships at the company can be completed by students who study majors specialized for Power Machines.
For students who plan to become designers and technologists in the future, Power Machines has developed a program of student design bureaus based on leading Russian universities (MPEI, SPbPU, State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Tomsk Polytechnic University, etc.). In this program, students undergo training for 2.5 years on "field" tasks for the company's engineering divisions.
For functional areas, an internship is possible if there are work tasks and a corresponding application from the relevant department. Enrollment takes place by concluding a civil law contract. A free internship is possible if the student agrees to a long-term internship (from two months), and there is an application from the relevant department.

2. How many rounds of interviews do you need to complete to get a job?

The number of interviews depends on the level of the position, but in most cases we limit ourselves to two meetings:
A telephone interview with a recruiter is an important stage where we determine the correlation between the CV and experience, personal characteristics, and expectations for each other.
Meeting with a recruiter or manager. At this stage, most of the time is devoted to exploring your professional expertise. In turn, you can learn more about the responsibilities and opportunities available to the position. Based on the information we have already received, a collective decision is made.

3. How long will it take to review my CV?

If you submit a CV that meets the requirements for the current vacancy, the recruiting manager will contact you within two business days. Also, you always have the opportunity to independently get in touch with the recruiting manager. Their contact information is published in the vacancies section.

4. Does the company have a probationary period? How long is it? How does it affect wages?

In accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the probationary period depends on the employment contract duration. When signing an employment contract for a period of two to six months, the probationary period may not exceed two weeks. When signing an employment contract for a period of more than six months or an open-end contract - it cannot exceed three months, and for managers - six months. The probationary period does not affect wages.

5. What does the salary consist of?


  • Fixed salary based on qualification category.
  • Monthly bonus based on performance.
  • Performance bonuses (foremanship, workman's mark, second profession, operation of critical equipment, qualifications (high productivity, no discrepancies)).

Managers, specialists, employees:

  • Fixed salary based on job grade.
  • Annual bonus (depends on achieving corporate goals, business plan goals and individual goals)

6. Is career growth possible in the company, and what is needed for this?

Yes, career growth is possible both horizontally and vertically.

For " horizontal" growth, you need to:

  • Obtain a higher qualification category,
  • Obtain a related profession,
  • Complete tasks well and with high productivity.

For "vertical" growth, it is necessary to be a successful pool member, participate in company projects and internal training (example: School of Masters, Production Manager Training Program, etc.)

7. Does the company have a benefits package? What does it include?

The basic benefits package of an employee includes:

  • Allowance for vouchers to sanatoriums and health resorts, children's camps
  • Medical care in medical institutions on the employer premises
  • Corporate training programs
  • Opportunity to improve qualifications or obtain an additional profession in the company's training center
  • Various corporate projects and events (sports club, lecture center, Engineering Club, events in partnership with the Russian Museum, open days, and more).

8. What training programs does the company offer?

The company conducts training for various programs to develop managerial and professional competencies, and soft skills. We have a Training Center where training and advanced training in working professions is provided. More than 3,500 employees of the company are trained annually.

9. Does the company have a housing allowance program for out-of-town candidates?

Yes, there is such a program. To participate in the program, you must provide a certificate from the Multifunctional Public Services Center about a lack of accommodations in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.  

10. Do you provide transfers to remote sites?

Employees are transferred to enterprises located in the "Metallostroy" Industrial Zone by corporate transportation from several metro stations (Leninsky Prospekt, Zvezdnaya, Elektrosila, Moskovskaya, Kupchino, Rybatskoye), as well as from Kolpino, and Metallostroy and Tosno settlements. 

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