Corporate life

The main feature of our work environment is that it is created by the employees themselves. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can always try being an athlete, dancer, musician. Give an informative lecture, create a sports team, ballet team, or even a rock band. Working at Power Machines, you can always find like-minded people who share your hobbies.

Every year, the company holds athletic events and has corporate holidays, where the main participants are the employees themselves.

Power Machines is not only a challenge, but also an entertaining corporate life


We hold corporate tournaments for football, volleyball, and other sports, and as a close-knit team from Power Machines we participate in important municipal sporting events, charity runs, and marathons. We have created our own sports community, where you can always find a partner for training, ask for advice, and discuss thematic issues.

Corporate Lecture Center

We have inquisitive and well-rounded employees, so we regularly meet with experts from various industries as a part of the corporate lecture center. The range of issues covered is the widest and will not leave anyone feeling unfulfilled. In online environments, we analyze in detail the basics of energy sector (which is especially important for beginners), talk about the cultures in the countries where the company operates - Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, etc., study the basics of proper nutrition, discuss tax issues, and much more.

Engineering Club

We are a technology company, so creating the Engineering Club was a natural step. Its participants exchange experiences at meetings, share new developments, test hypotheses, and offer new ideas and solutions. The Engineering Club also arranges excursions to the generation facilities, where you can see the company's equipment in action with your own eyes. 


We provide employees with the opportunity to participate not only in Russian and international exhibitions and scientific and technical conferences, but we also organize corporate conferences for customers in the main priority areas of operations, hold competitions for young professionals among employees in the engineering departments and students from specialized universities.

Open Days

Every year, we open our doors for the families of our employees. This is our favorite event and a unique opportunity to show your family and friends the existing facilities that include centuries-old factories, but also modern high-tech complexes. We offer excursions to the museums of the Leningradsky Metallichesky Zavod and Electrosila Plant, and also organize performances and show programs related to popular science topics for employees’ children. Open Days at Power Machines mean amicable dialog, a lot of new interesting information, workshop sessions, and other activities.

Volunteer Activities

Projects with the goals of helping children, supporting the elderly, preserving and developing cultural and moral values, and developing future generations are priorities for the company.

We try to involve volunteers from the employees in implementing external social programs and consider corporate volunteering as one of the areas of personal development. Many employees annually organize congratulations for veterans of the Great Patriotic War, children from low-income families who need our help and support.

Community Cleanup Days

It is customary for Power Machines employees to organize Community Cleanup Days to clean up enterprise territories, actively participate in creating green spaces and landscaping, planting trees in parks and garden squares in our regions.

Creative Work

We encourage the creative initiatives of employees and provide an opportunity to unlock everyone’s potential. If you play a musical instrument, like to sing or dance, you can take part in the program for corporate concerts and events, as well as represent our company at differently themed festivals.


We traditionally hold festive events on New Year; celebrate industry holidays together - Machine Builder's Day, St. Petersburg Industry Day; arrange corporate parties on enterprise anniversaries. These events allow us to become closer to each other and work together to achieve our goals.

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