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Power Machines was formed from enterprises with a century-long history, powerful production possibilities, and high scientific and technological potential. Today, we are integrating the richest knowledge and experience into the fields of design, manufacturing, and packaging supply of equipment for the power industry, as well as electrical equipment for industry and transportation in many countries of the world.

As we developed, we brought together tradition and innovation, achieving ambitious goals. The main value of Power Machines is people, our employees.

The people of Power Machines are professionals distinguished by high company culture and ethics, respect for customers, and an unmatched business reputation.

By heavily investing in their development, providing them with worthy opportunity and social conditions, we lay the foundation for future joint achievements.

By following our principles and values, we have changed our attitude towards each other and our work, creating a company that every employee of Power Machines can be proud of.

The core of our culture is formed from the following values:


Our company exists only thanks to our customers. We respect and appreciate our customers, both external and internal. We understand internal customers as our colleagues, employees, and managers as well. We understand external customers not only as consumers of our final products but also as our partners, suppliers, other stakeholders with whom we interact. We carefully study their demands and proactively respond to their needs. We develop with them, for them, and outpace them to go above and beyond their expectations, to anticipate and satisfy their future needs. It is for the sake of customers that we build new production facilities, manufacture new products, modernize our technologies, processes, and improve service levels.


This is our ability and desire to quickly and correctly do what’s right from the very beginning. This is a skill that requires responding flexibly and quickly to a changing situation and using resources as efficiently as possible. Mistakes are impossible to avoid, but they should not be repeated. We seek to learn not only from the successes and mistakes of our company, teams, and employees but also to build on the experiences of others. We openly share our successes and lessons learned with each other.


We strive to achieve the best results, introduce innovations and continue to improve based on the best practices, ultimately surpassing them and creating new ones. We strive to predict customer requests and offer new solutions and products. We innovate and improve our technologies and business processes.


We believe that no goal can justify violating occupational safety guidelines or neglecting the life and health of our people. We create and maintain safe working conditions and prioritize the health of our employees. We strive to prevent environmental pollution and economically and rationally use energy and natural resources.


We are a team of like-minded individuals who share common values. Each of us contributes to achieving the company's goals. Our actions are based on trust, synergy, and responsibility for the adoption and implementation of team decisions. We utilize the potential and professionalism of all team members, allowing them to do what they do best every day. From time to time, we assess the team effectiveness and progress, participate in development of improvement plans, take responsibility for our actions to increase team efficiency and involvement.


Together, we have created decent working conditions and stable employment. We provide the opportunity and authority to solve interesting challenges that are important for both the business and employee. We appreciate, fairly assess and reward employees for the results achieved. We take into account and appreciate the contributions, talents, attitudes, and opinions of each person with regard to the common goals of the team and entire company. We create conditions and encourage development, initiative, and responsibility. We fulfill our obligations, create and encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance and support.

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