Power Machines Employees Supported the Russian Charity Organization "SOS Children's Villages"
28 June 2022

Power Machines employees provided support to the "SOS Children's Villages" charity organization. Volunteers raised funds and gave the donation to children from the "SOS Children's Village in Pushkin". The charity event was organized as part of the "Good Deeds Relay" project, which is part of Power Machines corporate volunteering program. 

"SOS Children's Villages" is a Russian charity founded in 1994. "SOS Children's Villages" helps families in crisis situations where children may lose their parental care; orphans and children without parental care, as well as young people from various forms of care who are entering independent life. Programs of "SOS Children's Villages" operate in eight regions of Russia: Moscow, Oryol, Murmansk, Pskov and Vologda regions, the Republic of Tatarstan, cities of Veliky Novgorod and Saint Petersburg. "SOS Children's Villages" – communities of 10-15 foster families – are located in six regions. 

Over the 27 years that "SOS Children's Villages" has been operating in Russia, more than 1,000 orphans and children without parental care have found loving families. All this was made possible through the support of individuals and partner companies. 

"I found out that the organization has had fewer donations lately and they need help. My colleagues and I announced a fundraiser at the Company and took the donation to "SOS Children's Village in Pushkin", – tells the campaign's initiator, Alexandra Fedoskina, Senior Manager of the Business System Development Centre at JSC Power Machines. 

Corporate volunteering at Power Machines covers a whole range of activities, including charity and support for local communities, animal protection, environmental initiatives and career guidance for young people.

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