Power Machines Joined the "Professionalitet" Federal Project
05 April 2022

Power Machines, in partnership with a cluster of St. Petersburg educational institutions, joined the "Professionalitet" federal project. The project is aimed at launching pilot educational programs that will reduce the vocational training period from four to two years and focus on developing applied skills for students that are in demand in industries. The federal project "Professionalitet" is being implemented with the support of the Russian Ministry of Education. 

The St. Petersburg Electric Machine Engineering College became the flagship educational institution of the project. The educational cluster also includes the Technical School of Power Engineering and Metalworking, Malookhtinsky College, Russian College of Traditional Culture, St. Petersburg Technical College, Izhorsky College, and Industrial and Engineering College named after N.I. Putilov. 

"The "Professionalitet" project offers great opportunities to all its participants. Being one of the largest power engineering companies, we are willing to invest heavily and participate in the development of educational programs for in-demand jobs that are as close as possible to real-world production environment. This will allow us to train qualified personnel quickly and efficiently for our enterprises. This is also a unique opportunity for students to master a profession in a short time and start earning steady competitive wages," said Elena Solovieva, HR Director of JSC Power Machines. 

The federal project "Professionalitet" will reset the interaction between educational institutions and enterprises, and make them more appealing to young people, because educational qualifications will become virtually a guarantee of employment. In order to support and develop the program, the tender-winning educational institutions will receive grants to equip educational environment – workshops, where young professionals will develop practical skills. 

"The most relevant area of interaction between the college and Power Machines is the implementation of training programs for an operator of computer controlled machines. Now we are faced with the task of upgrading and updating the production equipment of machine tool workshops, taking into account the requirements of industry and occupational standards. So that when a student comes to the plant, they could already understand the requirements and features of a real-world workflow and have had the skills to operate computer controlled machines," said Alexander Nazarov, Director of the Electric Machine Engineering College. 

On April 16, project participants throughout Russia will hold a single Open Day. Prospective students and their parents will be able to get acquainted with educational institutions where today's secondary school students will continue their education, and with enterprises that are willing to offer jobs to future graduates of the "Professionalitet" program. Training under the new "Professionalitet" program will start on September 1.

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