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I graduated from the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, and after I got my bachelor's degree, I decided that I needed to improve my engineering and technical skills. Therefore, I entered the Master’s Degree course – and was employed as a design engineer at Electrosila.

I trudged ahead working and studying full time and was promoted a year later. It was not easy, and it was necessary to give it my all. During this period, I was fully supported in the design office, and I had a wonderful mentor.

In 2018, I was enrolled in the Engineering Leadership Program and was promoted to the 2nd category. I became a lead design engineer for the program, and then Deputy Director for Automation Systems and Automated Process Control Systems in the directorate for automation systems of Power Machines.

In "Power Machines", one of the main fields of activity is participation in major projects. If you can demonstrate your skills, then you will be entrusted with managing a large project where you can realize your vision of how the equipment you make should look like.

"Power Machines" is an excellent opportunity for professional and career growth for a recent graduate. This includes unlimited necessary information, competence, and skills from more experienced professionals. This is an open platform for cutting-edge, challenging, and novel ideas. You can participate in various events under the auspices of "Power Machines" - scientific and technical conferences, and both foreign and Russian exhibitions. The company actively invests in employee training and research.

The sooner you become involved with the specifics of professional activity, the sooner you start getting involved in this case, and the faster and better your career track will go. You’ll also master all necessary competencies sooner and more quickly.

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