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My long journey with "Power machines" started in October 2002 when I joined the company as a student intern. After I finished my degree, I returned here as a specialist for the Service Directorate and worked my way up to the Key Account Director in the Thermal Power Division.

 Why do I appreciate "Power machines"? Non-standard tasks, the opportunity to develop and participate in large-scale and unique projects. It can be challenging here, but always interesting. We have an excellent team – specialists that have a wealth of experience and unique expertise, there are younger colleagues who are learning and gradually growing in their profession. For me, working in power engineering has long been an integral part of my life.

What qualities are required to succeed in our company? Responsibility, high efficiency, enthusiasm, and optimism. A desire to be the best in the chosen field, constant engagement in self-development. Believe in the significance and importance of your work, sincerely love what you do – and then you will not be afraid of any difficulties and prejudices. So much depends on the people you work with, on your team. All these are the building blocks of success that allow you to achieve rewarding results.

If you want to become part of the "Power machines" team, you need to prove yourself as much as possible, absorb and adopt the experience from senior colleagues. Do not be afraid, strive – and then you certainly will succeed in it all!

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